Specializing in the production of synthetic resin tiles, ASA-UPVC wave tiles, APVC wave tiles, UPVC wave tiles and other plastic building materials at home and abroad.

Company Profile

Guangdong Gao Yi Building Material Technology Co., Ltd.

GOEATE ROOF / GAOZHU ROOF is a plastic roof tile manufacturer who providing ASA Synthetic resin tile, ASA PVC roof tile, APVC roof tile, UPVC roof tile, Fiberglass roofing sheet and Polycarbonate sheet. We export our PVC roof tile since 2008. As a ASA synthetic resin tile supplier and PVC roof tile supplier, we have more than 10 years export experience.

GOEATE ROOF / GAOZHU ROOF ASA synthetic resin tile supplier, producing the synthetic resin tile (Spanish tile), classical resin tile, Chinese style resin tile with 30 years life guarantee and 10 years color guarantee. Which popular thickness is 2.3mm to 3.0mm thickness. ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tile have covered ASA layer which could protect the roof tile more durable.

As a UPVC roof tile supplier, we have ASA PVC roof tile, APVC roof tile, UPVC roof tile. ASA PVC roof tile has 25 years life guarantee and 10 years color guarantee. APVC roof tile has 15 years life guarantee. UPVC roof tile has 10 years life guarantee. APVC roof tile and UPVC roof tile doesn’t have color guarantee that is why we only suggest white color, blue color and green color. Red, brown, gray color, it could fade after 3 months. The guarantee is only support popular thickness that 2.0mm to 3.0mm thickness which is more durable. There also have some customer like 0.8mm to 1.8mm thickness, trapezoidal wave profile and Medium wave tile could do it. But the life guarantee period would be relatively short.

As a UPVC roof tile supplier, we are not only supply PVC roof tile, but also Fiberglass roof sheet and Polycarbonate sheet. Both of them are use for skylight lighting, also including UPVC translucent sheet. The Fiberglass roofing sheet could be same profile with PVC roof tile which could totally match when installing. While Polycarbonate sheet could be same profile as UPVC roof tile and could be hollow sheet and flat solid sheet.

We have professional skills to solve the roof tile project, house roofing, farm roofing, warehouse roofing, factory roofing, workshop roofing and so on,. Whatever re

Our company has passed IS O9001 quality system certification, and all products are insured by PICC. We always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "today's quality, tomorrow's market; today's reputation, tomorrow's brilliant", and try our best to provide high-quality products and professional solutions for our customers. We have won the trust of customers both at home and abroad and become a leading enterprise in plastic building materials. Guangdong Gao Yi Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to work with you to create brilliant!