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Why are resin tiles fireproof?


2023-06-07 16:14

Why can resin tile be fireproof?

As a building material, synthetic resin tiles have always had good fireproof performance. Synthetic resin tiles are widely used, and you can see synthetic resin tiles in the fields of residential houses, villas, resorts, etc. Some public places such as **, hotels, stations, etc., also like to choose synthetic resin tiles as roofing building materials. Because the synthetic resin tile in addition to the appearance of retro beautiful, waterproof and moistureproof, corrosion resistance, anti-burst, thermal insulation, noise, wind and shock resistance, insulation and other advantages, there is a more prominent advantage, is a strong fire resistance, synthetic resin tile fire performance what is the significance of the performance?

1, combustion, the combustion properties of building materials, including ignition, flame propagation, combustion speed and heat generation. Ganzhou resin tile are non-flammable (oxygen index is less than 20); self-extinguishing from the fire, fire grade B1.

2, mechanics, synthetic resin tile expansion coefficient is small, volume stability, while the tile in the geometry of the two-way tensile properties, even if the use of environmental temperature changes are large, the resin tile expansion and contraction can be digested by itself, thus ensuring that the geometric dimensions are stable.

3, smoke, toxicity, most of the material combustion will produce a lot of smoke, in addition to personal hazards, but also seriously impede the evacuation of people and fire fighting work, while some materials combustion or pyrolysis will produce a certain amount of toxic gases, in many fires, a large number of victims are not burned to death, but the smoke caused by asphyxiation or smoke poisoning. Ganzhou resin tile in the resin is flame retardant products, in the fire will not produce drip melt, will not play the role of combustion, will not be aggravated by accelerating the burning of other materials, in the fire itself will form a smoke belt, thus effectively reducing the phenomenon of poisoning in the disaster.

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