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Precautions when installing synthetic resin tiles


2023-06-07 16:32

The main component of synthetic resin tile is synthetic resin, which is a class of synthetic polymer. Under the action of external forces can be plastic flow state, some properties and natural resin similar. The surface material of synthetic resin tile is the key, the selection of surface material directly affects the service life of the resin tile, in most cases the selection of super weather-resistant material ASA or PMMA, co-extruded through the surface after molding. The weather resistance of the product directly leads to the service life of the synthetic resin tile. At the same time, the good or bad of the synthetic resin tile, but also with the amount of surface materials used, and co-extrusion technology has a relationship.
       Synthetic resin tile is a new type of building material developed by using high-tech chemical and chemical technology, with light weight, high strength, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and flame retardant, sound and heat insulation and other excellent characteristics, commonly used in development zones, farmers' markets, shopping malls, residential communities, new rural construction of residential villas, canopies, awnings, antique buildings and so on. Synthetic resin tile specifications for 1050mm-960mm-or 880mm-800mm. transparent glazed resin tile market prevailing specifications for 1050-960-220; 0.25 meters per section or 0.22 meters.
       Synthetic resin tile installation precautions.
1, The installer needs to be a certified professional to ensure the safety of product use. Installers must wear gloves, helmets, safety belts and other tools and take safety precautions.
2、Please install carefully if the weather is bad. When installing, walk on the tiles, try to step in the middle of the tiles and avoid stepping on the edge of the tiles. In addition, contact with surfaces of strong acidic and alkaline substances is strictly prohibited.
3.Do not bend the tiles excessively to avoid damage. The thermal expansion and contraction of synthetic resin tiles is different from that of steel, so it is necessary to reserve space for expansion and pay attention to the embedding depth, otherwise the tiles may be deformed and cracked.
4, the process of installation, the above is to use special tile hooks, pressure code, especially in the tile eaves, must be pressed with pressure code. In addition, in the process of construction, you need to use neutral glass adhesive and suitable gasket material to prevent water leakage. And the materials used need to be produced by regular manufacturers, bringing better quality and less prone to detail problems.

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