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PVC tile installation precautions


2023-06-07 16:54

Nowadays, the tile on the market is divided into many kinds, I would like to introduce you to a kind of tile - pvc tile, it is one of the more popular, with anti-corrosion, anti-aging, thermal insulation, fire insulation, wind and shock resistance, easy to install and transport and other advantages, that in the installation of PVC tiles need to pay attention to what?
1, first of all, must buy high-quality PVC plastic tile products, and use standardized supporting facilities products. Usually, large and medium-sized PVC plastic tile manufacturers have perfect supporting facilities products.
2, the construction team should wear helmets and rubber gloves and other special tools used for safety protection. In the whole process of construction, feet should pay attention to find the force point, do not step on the middle of the two bars.
3, each PVC plastic tile must be paved in strict accordance with the steel pur bar interval. If the sidewalk is wavy tiles, pay attention to the length of the steel lap during the construction of the project and ensure that the middle of the tile is vertical. The length should be in accordance with the installation specifications, and not too small.
4. When fixing PVC plastic tiles, please use auxiliary facilities fixing card, usually, use self-tapping screws to fix them. Fixing card should be fixed on wave soldering, use 4 sets of fixing card per square meter, and use moisture-proof cap, in order to ensure the actual effect of moisture-proof, it can be structurally reinforced and installed in the strong wind area.
5、Fixing PVC plastic tile should use matching fixings, generally use self-tapping screws for fixing, fixings should be fixed on the wave crest, use 4 sets of fixings per square meter, and use with waterproof cap to ensure the waterproof effect, and can be reinforced and installed in windy areas;
6、Each piece of PVC plastic tile at the longitudinal edge of its crest should be fixed on the purlin using professional fixings, windy areas to be reinforced installation.

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