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What are the standards for pvc tiles?


2023-06-07 16:20

In the current construction market, with the diversification of people's needs, there are various roof tile materials, among which PVC tile is the representative roof tile. It has the advantages of anti-corrosion, fire prevention, etc., and is popular among users. So how do we choose? What are the criteria for selecting pvc tiles?
1, according to the application site selection
(1) For large workshops with a span of more than 20 meters, peak PVC steel tiles, such as strong composite tiles, are usually used for drainage during heavy rainfall, reducing the pressure on the tile surface and increasing it to some extent. service life.
(2) For the longer width of the workshop, generally do not use the curved low wave tiles with insufficient strength, should be used to increase the strength of the vertical, flat PVC steel tiles.
(3) for high temperature enterprise building, generally not suitable for the use of plastic steel tile. Because it has heat insulation, so it is not suitable for use as usually accompanied by high temperature enterprise buildings in the roof tiles to prevent high temperature gas production easily issued. In a high-temperature environment
2, according to the color to choose
The commonly used Jiangxi PVC tiles are white,, blue and black. There is a traditional point of view when choosing the right color. Relatively light white can reduce the absorption and reduce the temperature of the roof. Otherwise, black will increase its temperature, so there is usually no requirement to choose a lighter color of plastic steel tile is suitable. Selection according to the mode of transportation
3, according to the transportation mode to choose
At present, PVC steel tiles are mainly transported by trucks with very limited space. In order to avoid scratches during transportation, it is recommended that the length of a single sheet should not exceed 10 meters.
Users can choose different Jiangxi PVC tile materials according to their own needs. When buying, pay attention to the cooperation between reputable and good quality manufacturers. Protect your rights against problems in use and after-sales.

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