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What are the characteristics of resin tiles?


2023-06-07 16:23

What are the characteristics of resin tiles? Synthetic resin tile itself has a lotus leaf cleaning function, it is not easy to adsorb dust, once the rain wash will be clean as new, there will be no accumulation of dirt phenomenon, the installation area of a single tile is large, paving efficiency is high, the process is simple supporting a full range of products, the installation of time-saving and labor-saving.
What are the characteristics of resin tile? Synthetic resin tile wholesale manufacturers explain:
Load resistance
Physical experiments: a kilogram of steel ball from a height of 2 meters to fall freely on the surface of the tile does not produce cracks, low-temperature drop ball impact 10 times the product is not damaged, after 10 freeze-thaw cycle, the knot force synthetic resin tiles are not bulging, blistering, peeling, cracking phenomenon in the Northeast, Inner Mongolia, such as low-temperature, strong snow pressure zones have been widely used.
Long-lasting color
Synthetic resin tile selection of French ** TOGLAS production of ultra-high weathering engineering resin as the surface material of the tile, in nature with extraordinary durability, even if it is exposed to long-term ultraviolet radiation, moisture, high and low temperatures, and so on, but still be able to maintain the stability of its color, according to the United States of America, Arizona and Florida and other areas of strong sunlight outdoor use of the results proved to be able to ensure that the 10 years △ E ≤ 5 According to the results of outdoor use in sunlight-exposed areas such as Arizona and Florida, it can ensure that △E≤5 in 10 years, which effectively solves the problem of color fading and aging of most of the roof tiles nowadays and prolongs the service life of roof tiles.
Strong fire resistance
The main skeleton material of synthetic resin tile is polyvinyl chloride resin, whose chemical properties determine its own flame retardant properties, and the product has been tested by the fire ** department, and the fire rating can reach B1, which is the material of choice for the roof and wall of all kinds of fireproof places.

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