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What are the properties of asbestos tiles?


2023-06-07 16:25

What are the properties of asbestos tiles?
1) The main technical indexes that should be considered when choosing concrete tiles: bearing capacity, water absorption rate, frost resistance and seepage resistance.
2) Products with low water absorption rate should be selected for cold areas.
(3) The drainage slope of sintered tile roof should be determined according to the form of roof frame, roofing grass-roots level category, construction form, material properties and local climatic conditions, and after technical and economic comparisons, and generally should be ≥ 30%.
(4) According to the slope of the roof, the height of the building and the size of the wind load, etc., the tiles should be fastened accordingly.
(5) When the roof uses thermal insulation materials with tile hanging function, there should be a bedding layer under the thermal insulation layer.
(6) If mortar tile is used, other fixing measures should be attached.
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