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Introduction to the construction requirements of resin tiles


2023-06-07 16:29

Resin tile construction requirements, resin tiles are divided into resin tiles and synthetic resin tiles, the market known as resin for the general synthetic resin tiles. Synthetic resin tiles are developed by SABIC, one of the world's top 500 companies, using ASA, a highly weather-resistant engineering resin. Effective width within 1.5 meters.
ASA is a ternary polymer composed of ****, styrene and acrylic rubber.
Construction Requirements of Resin Tile
Installation tools and accessories
1、Tools: engineering line, portable electric drill, electric drill bit socket, portable cutting machine, tape measure, steel ruler, wrench, portable grinder.
2、Accessories: waterproof ring, protection pads, self-tapping nails, self-tapping wood screws, stainless steel angle hooks, waterproof caps.
3、Accessories: resin glue, resin powder, (construction of drilling holes in the wrong phenomenon of the two materials will be added after mixing).
Roof requirements
Synthetic resin tiles are suitable for sloping roofs with a slope of 20 to 80 degrees.
Common purlin material and size (mm): wood square 60×40, square steel pipe 60×40×3, C-type steel 100×50×3.
Metal purlin shall be brushed with anti-rust oil once and top coat twice. Wood purlin shall be brushed with anticorrosive oil or impregnated with bituminous oil. The position of top purlin is 180mm away from the ridge line, which is convenient for installing the ridge tile, and the position of bottom purlin is 50~70mm away from the eave opening. the spacing of main tile purlin of bamboo shape shall not be more than 660mm, and the spacing of main tile purlin of large arc shape shall not be more than 750mm.

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